Sunday, 13 September 2015

Chickens! The first week!

We finally have chickens! I have wanted them for ages and finally decided to take the plunge. There were a few things to consider before we got them however and most were to do with how they would affect the neighbours.

A friend of mine shared a post with me about a localish free range farmer who was needing to re-home 1700 of his layers other wise they would go to slaughter. She offered to house them for me until my own coop was ready if we wanted any.

Needless to say I jumped at the chance and bought our first coop and run. When it arrived it needed to be painted to protect it which took nearly a week but at least this gave us a chance to buy all the bits we needed for when the girls arrived.
This was the final result which we were both more than happy with.

The coop is a Sussex and run from chicken coops direct. I cannot fault them the service was brilliant and the build quality is second to none. 

The run is placed upon chicken wire pegged into the ground to prevent the foxes getting access with a few edging stones I nicked off of a skip placed along the back edge to hopefully deter rats.

The whole thing was in place and finished just in time for the chickens to be delivered.

The four girls were not in too bad of a condition, a few featherless areas here and there and pale combs but otherwise they were fine. My daughter has named them Luna, Bindi and the twins. Luna has a bent comb and loves cuddles she's always jumping up on me for a stroke.

They laid a couple of eggs the first few days which tasted amazing and then we've had at least 3 eggs a day for the past few days 

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